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"I met Courtney once in the last 18 years and spent an hour with her in a very elaborate hotel where she was staying. I sent her some children’s books for Frances, her daughter, from whom she is now completely alienated. [Courtney] is absolutely crazy. She called me up one time a few years ago to tell me that she was making a movie in Brooklyn and asked to come over the next day. I said of course, and then she didn’t show up. She called a few months later. I asked, “How is it that you didn’t call me?” She slammed the phone down. She is crazy, and to use a modern term, a psychopath."

—Paula Fox on her granddaughter Courtney Love in School Library Journal. How did I miss this? (This quote I mean.)


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  2. elisabethdonnelly said: This particular genetic link is so fascinating. It’s really tempting to see links between Fox’s gothic life and Courtney’s moments of lucidity.
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